Why Matchbook Meets the Textbook Definition of a Magazine

For this project I have chose to analyze the online magazine Matchbook. According to our class textbook, The Magazine From Cover to Cover, a magazine is, “printed and bound publications offering in-depth coverage of stories often of a timeless nature. Their content may provide opinion and interpretation as well as advocacy. They are geared to a well-defined, specialized audience, and they are published regularly, with a consistent format.”

This magazine follows the book definition of what a magazine is just minus the printed part of the definition. Each magazine offers a wide array of in-depth stories and each had an average of three feature stories. All magazine features from Matchbook usually cover a business with high detail in the form of a question and answer of one of the founders of said businesses. These interview articles may be from a few years ago but they will last forever since they are timeless. While the features are not opinion or advocacy pieces the “staples” section of the magazine does advocate for certain products.

The magazine has a very specific target audience and even describes the “Matchbook Girl” who is their perfect reader. According to their about section on their website, ” Matchbook is an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics – shaken and stirred.” In each edition of the magazine there is a section in the front of the magazine entitled’ “The Matchbook Girl” which includes a new list of what their target girl enjoys or likes. From February 2011 until January 2015 the magazine was published regularly each month in the same format with the recurring sections: Staples, History Lesson, Culture & Living and Features.


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