Story Analysis

The magazine I am analyzing for this project is called Matchbook. To find a story to analyze I looked at their January 2015 edition of the magazine which contained two feature articles. For each feature article they were in a question and answer format so they each contained only one source, the person being interviewed.

The rest of the articles are arranged in a wish list type format with limited copy that did not include leads but did have links to the objects themselves. Looking more in depth to the first feature story, Coral & Tusk, we see that the article is interviewing one of the company founders Stephanie Housley. Stephanie is seen as an expert in her field of embroidery and artwork due to her mentions and features in reputable magazines including: Vogue, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Martha Stuart Living. The Coral & Tusk website goes into detail on her life, detailing her inspiration and production process. This feature story is spread over 18 pages containing a great deal 0f images that take up about 2/3 of the total 18 pages.

The lead gives a brief history of the company in order to give the background for the question and answer. The article contains links to the website and their social media which is how it makes good use of the fact that it is an online magazine as this could not be done with a print magazine. The book refers to this kind of story as a profile in the form of a question and answer.


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