Audience and Mission

Jute does not have a media kit available online. It uses Pinterest to show the mood of upcoming issues and uses a contact page to reach the right department within the magazine. It specifically states that the issues do not have specific themes but rather go off of the Pinterest board. It also has a full page discussing requirements for submissions including deadlines and resolution requirements. To determine its audience I looked to the about page as well as the social media since it does not use the traditional media kit. It is created for the fashionista who creates their own style through mixing and matching and they, “love everything from Gucci to Guess to Goodwill.” It goes on to say that where the clothes come from is unimportant, its how they are worn and styled that matters. Although no specific demographics are given it seems as though the magazine can appeal to a wide range of ages as it will attract anyone who loves fashion. Since each issue contains mostly photo stories the articles can attract people from various ages.

Jute also does not have a specific mission statement either. The only type of mission it states is that it is a quarterly publication, and evidence shows this is true as it is published four times per year. The about section also mentions that it, “celebrates the individual fashionista.” Other than this it does not discuss a mission, although it seems the mission is simply to produce a quarterly magazine for the fashionista who loves to style their own looks and look at looks styled by others. If this is its mission then it is carried out well as the focus of the magazine is on the style shoots and photography.


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