Social Media Savvy

As Matchbook is no longer a publishing online magazine I have changed my focus for this blog to the current online magazine Jute. Under the about section of Jute it says how to submit to get published in the upcoming issue and directs you to it’s Pinterest containing inspiration or rather the online mood board for the upcoming issue.

It has links to Twitter and Facebook at the bottom of its website. Jute is very active on its Twitter account with multiple tweets per day and has a following of 1,199 accounts. On Facebook Jute is also active with multiple posts per day and has a larger following with 20,113 people who have liked its page. On its website, Jute does not have a link to its Instagram which, is surprising because it does in fact have an Instagram boasting 62.7k followers that is well run with daily posts. The likes per picture ranges from 500 to 2,000 and comments per post average around 10. Jute has good engagement on all three main social medias and uses Pinterest in a great way to get the theme out for each upcoming issue to those who want to submit their work. Jute posts the same content across all social media, usually pictures from past issues. It also posts pictures and links to its blog posts and links to podcasts it has made. Jute uses its social media to spread its brand to it’s followers.

It also has a small blog section on its website entitled stories where it posts around three stories per month. These posts differ from the content within the magazine itself and come from many different contributors. Stories range from fashion week coverage to interviews with fashion business owners to cultural pieces.


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