The Jute Community

The Jute community lives on their social media as there is no way to interact within its website. I discussed its social media in a previous post and as I said its Instagram has the most followers and engagement so I looked there to find evidence of a sort of community. It gets plenty of comments from people who love the images, styling work, or models. Jute could do a better job of responding and interacting with these readers to create a better community. On Facebook Jute gets likes and shares but hardly any comments. Twitter is the same story, it gets likes and retweets but no comments and no conversation. Even though they have a loyal following that likes the content, there is no dialogue going on in the community, and the dialogue that is going on through Instagram Jute does not participate in.  The community is there but it could use more engagement from the ones who created the story in the first place, Jute.

Jute has the option to buy the most recent issue in print for a large sum of  $47.40. Each issue is a different price, the Fall 2016 issue is $34.80 for print or $2 for a digital copy even though it can be read for free on the online platform. To read any issue online is free, no email or account needed just an internet browser. It uses a platform called issuu to publish its online issues. You can download the issuu app to get access to all of the magazines they publish including Jute.


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