Owner of Jute

The owner of Jute is not published on its site or anywhere in the actual magazine. Using the contact on their website I emailed to ask for this information and received an email back stating that Lynzi Judish is the magazine owner. It is evident they publish Jute through a site called issuu. On this site it has 35 issues of the magazine which can be read for free without an account. Issuu is a digital publishing site that hosts thousands of publications all on one easy to use site.

Jute did not come about from a print issue and then transition online. It has a print issue of the online issue available for a range of prices, it just depends on the issue. I don’t think it will ever go into print issue subscriptions separate from the online issue, since the online issue is free it is easier to get readers and then make money off of ads. Also with print issues ranging in price around $30-$40 no one will want to pay for a year long subscription that would cost hundreds.

Searching the internet for reviews or opinions of Jute led to nothing. There is no trace of anyone in the industry saying anything about this magazine, even on their Linkedin. I also searched for awards but uncovered no awards as well. This magazine seems to be relatively unknown in the industry and only has 2,733 subscribers on its publishing site, issuu.


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