Advertising in Jute

Overall, Jute hardly has any advertisements in it. In the most recent Winter 2017 issue there were four advertisements, one taking up a double spread, and the other three on single page spreads. One advertisement was for cosmetics and the other three were for fashion brands. Looking at other issues there is also minimal advertising, around three to four brands featured. No issue has ever made use of advertising on cover three of four. In the Fall 2016 issue, there is advertising in the form of editorial content covering two double page spreads. I would assume this magazine has a lot of sponsors or is privately funded as the advertisements are extremely minimal and could not bring in that much revenue. However, this magazine has low overhead costs as all published work is submitted by writers and photographers and the magazine only assembles the work for publication. There is a strong line between editorial and advertising in this magazine. The ads clearly have the brand name of brand website listed and even the advertisement created in the manner of an editorial piece was clearly noticeable and stated as an advertisement. Since this magazine has limited advertisements, along with the fact all articles are submitted work from third parties, I would say it does a great job of separating editorial and advertising department. Jute could include more advertisements from reputable well-known brands to increase its credibility. At the moment, all the ads in the past few issues of the magazines are from smaller, relatively unknown brands.


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